Privacy policy

Last modified: April 05, 2024

Privacy Policy:
SCE is committed to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring the protection of your personal information, in line with the 10 Principles of Privacy set forth by the Government of Canada. Personal information pertains to data about an identifiable individual, encompassing details like your name, address, telephone number, email address, and your financial interactions with SCE.

We pledge to handle your personal information solely based on your awareness and consent, except in situations mandated by law.

At SCE, we hold a firm stance against sharing, trading, selling, or disclosing your personal information without your explicit consent, unless compelled by legal obligations.

We maintain a strict policy of not divulging non-public personal information to non-affiliated third parties, unless such action is necessary for processing or is sanctioned by law. Affiliates and external service providers that receive any information from us are under legal obligation to keep this information confidential, barring permissions granted by legal or governmental directives. Access to your personal information is limited strictly to employees who require this knowledge to deliver our services to you and to communicate with the issuers we represent effectively.

For additional information, please reach out to us via email at