Simplifying Cross-Border FX: Our Mission at Sina Currency Exchange

Currency exchange is our specialty. At Sina Currency Exchange, we offer top-notch solutions to streamline your foreign exchange dealings internationally, all while providing the most competitive rates tailored to your individual or business requirements.

We’ll beat any bank’s exchange rate. Guaranteed!

Exchange currency with zero hidden fees and total security

At Sina Currency Exchange, we specialize in simplifying currency exchange. Our commitment is to offer efficient solutions for your global transactions, whether personal or business. Benefit from competitive rates, saving time and money. Our cross-border currency exchange ensures seamless transactions with Sina Currency Exchange. Get comprehensive assistance from expenses in the US to receiving USD payments, maximizing the value of your Canadian dollars.

Discover Your Getaway!

Save Time and Money

Simplify your cross-border currency exchange with Sina Currency Exchange. We offer comprehensive support for various needs such as paying US home expenses or maximizing your Canadian dollars through USD payments. Whether you're settling USD bills or receiving payments in USD, our competitive cross-border USD money transfer rates stand out.

We offer a range of services for our clients. You can visit our locations, give us a call, or create an online account for regular transfers. Throughout the process, our dedicated team of currency exchange experts is committed to assisting you in securing the best rates and receiving top-notch customer service.

Exchange Your Money with Confidence: Our Guarantee

We stand by our promise to offer unbeatable exchange rates, surpassing any bank’s offer, guaranteed! At Sina Currency Exchange, transparency and trust are paramount. Exchange your currency with us and enjoy zero hidden fees and complete security for your transactions. Whether you need US dollars for foreign property maintenance or are looking to diversify your currency holdings, choose Sina Currency Exchange for peace of mind and exceptional value.

More than a currency exchange service

We are committed to keeping you well-informed about everything related to your finances. Our experienced agents are always available to answer any questions you may have. We will guide you through the entire exchange process with patience and provide valuable insights on trends and potential market shifts. This will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of market trends and determine whether it is advisable to exchange currency in the near future.

Customers love working with us

Free same-day transfers, no hidden fees and professional service.

Farnaz Miralaei
Farnaz Miralaei
Great service at Sina Currency Exchange. They consistently deliver fast and reliable service making the exchange process smooth and hassle-free. Their efficiency and reliability have made them my top choice for currency exchange. I really appreciate their exceptional customer service and highly recommend them!
siamak danandeh
siamak danandeh
Recently I had a great experience in the Sina Currency Exchange, it was my first time to send money to IRAN for that reason I’m so satisfied with their services because money had sent sooner than I expected and other best advantage of Sina Currency Exchange is that their have the best rate in Vancouver I really appreciate and recommend all of my homeland
Jack S
Jack S
Absolutely best rate possible, talk to theses nice people and you will be very happy with their experience and service!
Ramin Rakhsha
Ramin Rakhsha
I have been utilizing the services of SINA Currency Exchange for money transfers to Iran since 2020, and I must say, their performance has been nothing short of exceptional. From the seamless transactions to the unparalleled customer support, every aspect of my experience with them has been top-notch. One of the most remarkable qualities of SINA Currency Exchange their reliability. Regardless of the amount or frequency of the transfers, I have always been able to trust that my funds will reach their destination promptly and securely. This level of consistency is truly commendable and has alleviated any concerns I may have had regarding the safety of my transactions. Moreover, the professionalism demonstrated by the team at SINA Currency Exchange is unparalleled. They are not only efficient in processing transactions but also incredibly knowledgeable about the intricacies of international money transfers. Whenever I have had a question or needed assistance, their support staff has been readily available to provide prompt and helpful responses, further enhancing my overall satisfaction with their service. In addition to their reliability and professionalism, SINA Currency Exchange also stands out for their commitment to customer satisfaction. They go above and beyond to ensure that every transaction is executed smoothly and that any issues are promptly addressed, leaving me feeling valued and well-cared-for as a customer. Overall, my experience with SINA Currency Exchange has been overwhelmingly positive, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable and efficient money transfers to Iran. Their dedication to excellence sets them apart in the industry, and I am grateful to have them as my trusted partner for all my financial needs.
Mehran Fooladi
Mehran Fooladi
one of the best Exchange in BC
meagan lennox
meagan lennox
So friendly super helpful and accommodating and give really good rates
Shervin Ghahri
Shervin Ghahri
These guys are amazing

The #1 currency exchange service in Vancouver

Our mission from the start, in 2012, has been to help people like you escape unnecessarily high fees on currency exchange.

So far, more than 12,000 people have trusted us with their money, saving thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

Ensure the utmost security for your funds

Sina Currency Exchange operates under the regulation of FINTRAC (the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada). Furthermore, we have allocated $1,000,000 for consumer protection, ensuring the safety of your funds.

Moreover, to enhance security further, we store your funds in segregated accounts distinct from the company's own.

All transactions are assigned a distinct confirmation number and can be electronically traced through any Canadian bank.

Here's how you can get the best exchange rate in Canada and save money

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(ID and bank statement).

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You get approved upon validation of your documents.

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Book your exchange via phone, email or chat and then fill in the exchange order.

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Transfer your funds to us by: Bill Payment, Wire Transfer or EFT.

Receive your funds

Your converted funds are transferred to the specified account (yours, someone else’s or to a company)

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For over a decade, individuals like you have chosen to save by trading their hard-earned money with us rather than their banks. Since 2009, we have remained committed to offering Canadians the most competitive exchange rates available.

Apart from offering competitive exchange rates in Canada, we are equipped to assist you with:

  • Domestic and international money transfers
  • Paying expenses on your behalf - we are authorized payees for numerous financial institutions, allowing us to facilitate payments on your behalf.
  • Financial advice
  • Rate monitoring to make sure that you make the most out of your money.

Whether you're a business or an individual, you can rely on us for money exchange or transfers. Rest assured, you'll receive the most competitive exchange rates no matter the type of account you choose to open.

Our most common clients are:

  • Foreign property purchasers (Florida, Arizona, California, or anywhere in the US or Europe);
  • Small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Publicly traded companies (oil and gas and mining);
  • Importers and exporters;
  • Manufacturers;
  • Wholesalers and distributors;
  • Transportation;
  • Non-profit organizations;
  • Government organizations;
  • Accountants; and
  • Law firms

We seamlessly connect with all Canadian banks, allowing you to test our service with a small amount to experience its functionality.

Unlock the advantage of competitive rates across a variety of currencies. Explore trading options for Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, UK British Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars, and New Zealand Dollars with our assistance.

All companies that work with money in Canada must be registered and regulated by FINTRAC. We are registered and regulated by FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada)

Ensuring the safety of your hard-earned money is our utmost priority. Your funds are securely held in a segregated account at a leading Canadian bank, with $1,000,000 allocated for consumer protection. This setup guarantees that there is no risk of financial loss during the exchange process.

Backed by over a decade of industry expertise, we uphold an outstanding A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Once your currency transaction is finalized, you will receive a detailed trade confirmation contract outlining all agreed-upon terms for your records. Each transaction is provided with a unique confirmation number and can be electronically traced through Canadian banks.

We provide expedited transfer options, ensuring secure wire transfers or direct deposits are typically completed the same day or the following business day upon request.

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